About Our Colorado Springs Counseling Center

ViewPoints Psychotherapy is a local psychotherapy and counseling center that proudly serves individuals of all ages in the Colorado Springs community. Our staff offers a variety of psychotherapy services, ranging from exposure and response prevention to trauma therapy, for civilian clients, government agencies, former military members and more.

We genuinely care about and value each and every one of our clients, and our mission is to provide you with effective alternative treatments by cultivating an environment of growth and development. Our entire staff consists of highly trained, experienced and qualified individuals who can successfully handle your case — no matter your situation.

Below, we’ve listed five reasons why you should choose ViewPoints Psychotherapy. Learn more about our psychotherapy center here.

Ethical Exclusivity

We are firm believers and practitioners of ethical exclusivity, which is sadly something not all counseling practices can say. Too often, counselors choose quantity over quality in an effort to raise a buck. When they do this, they neglect to provide their clients with the highest quality of treatment and care.

We’re proud to say we do not do this at our psychotherapy center. We recognize that overscheduling clients in order to profit is unethical, which is why we distinguish ourselves distantly from such facilities and practices.

ViewPoints Psychotherapy provides services that address the many struggles you’re bearing, and we teach you wisdom, courage and empowerment. This strategy enables you to obtain a life that doesn’t just get you by, but allows you to live a life you are happy to live — a life you look forward waking up to each day.

We strive to meet with everyone who requests our services, but we believe it takes sincere integrity to know when excellent treatment and superior services get blurred with becoming just another run-of-the-mill treatment facility that values money over results. When it comes down to it, our staff at ViewPoints Psychotherapy values your satisfaction over your money.

How does this affect you?

Simply put, we periodically undergo brief periods where we do not accept any new clients. This is so we can provide our current clients with nothing less than what has been clinically and empirically proven to effectively help them during their treatment processes.

But don’t fret — if we don’t work with you directly, we can still connect you with a local therapist who is a good match for you, and who also exercises the same philosophy and principles as us.

Flexible Scheduling

We think it’s important to offer weekend and evening appointments for our clients, so we ensure to have members on staff who can cater to those with busy work schedules and to those who can’t always make it into our office during the week.

Whole-Person Care

Our goal is to provide you with well-rounded psychotherapy and counseling services to not just part of you, but the whole you. That’s why we’ve formed partnerships with medical professionals, substance abuse specialists, dietitians and personal trainers.

Evidence-Based Treatment

We offer evidence-based treatment services that have been clinically proven as effective for treating our clients’ needs, and each of our staff members will work with you to find a solution that works best for your situation.

Veteran Owned And Operated

More than half of our staff is a veteran themselves or has someone in their family who is in the military, so we appreciate, understand and can relate to those who have served our country. We are proud to offer our psychotherapy services to the military population in need.

Your Source For Personal Growth

Get started today with ViewPoints Psychotherapy Services, LLC. When you choose our counseling services in Colorado Springs, you can count on our professional staff to always prioritize your wants, needs and desires.

Our goal is to help guide you to a more fulfilling life and to provide you with a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that encourages personal growth.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We have special first-time offers for new clients and military members/veterans.