According to a 2016 publication from the Pew Research Center on how Americans view their jobs, a whopping 30% reported that the work they do is “just a job to get them by.” Your career, as well as your life, is not something to simply “get you by.” Both should be used to foster happiness, wealth, satisfaction and hope in your day to day routine. LifeStance Health offers extensive vocational counseling services to better accommodate your professional needs. Our services have been shown to assist in a variety of life’s pivotal moments including prepping for college, career changes, transitioning from the military to the civilian life, or simply to prepare you for the job of your dreams.

Who Can Benefit From Career Counseling Services?

At LifeStance Health, we see people from all walks of life come to us for help re-aligning their career goals and

Here are some of the main reasons people seek career counseling:

You are feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with your professional lives

If you’re someone who is seeking additional resources to help you land a job

If you’re preparing for college and need help determining a degree path

You’re fresh out of college and not sure what to do next

When you’re unsure about your talents, skill sets, and career goals

Military service members who are transitioning to civilian life

Services include:

Skills/Interest Identification: Discover your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and passions through the utilization of our reputable aptitude assessment and receive expert advice on career suitability. The aptitude assessment that we utilize is a comprehensive, fully integrated, computer-assisted examination that specializes in the measurement of individual potential and motivation for various areas of work. Additionally, temperament, vocational interests, and learning styles are measured. More than 8 million people worldwide have taken this 20-30 minute assessment, which consists of 71 questions and is available in 15 different languages. Validity and reliability are consistently measured by the International Assessment Network and several psychologists in order to assure our clients are receiving the most accurate and valid information possible.

Upon completion of the assessment, schedule a free 90-minute consultation with one of our counselors who will analyze your results, (matching your skills and interests with job titles in accordance to ONET & DOT), locate jobs within your community, and design a customized plan to land you the job of your dreams.

Resume writing – Learn how to design and create resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters that will leap off the page and grab the eyes of your next employer.

Interview practice – Stand out from your competition by participating in unlimited interview preparation sessions. Learn how to keep you cool during the rigorous interview process and how to present yourself as a professional.

Job selection – Accept offers with confidence and enthusiasm.