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Though it may be a new and unheard term to many, if you have ever been to a medical doctor and hooked up to any machine that monitored things like your blood pressure and/or heart rate or rhythm, you’ve experienced a type of biofeedback. If you break down the word, biofeedback is exactly as it says. It is an innovative and technological monitoring system whereby you receive ‘feedback’ about your ‘biology’ and thus, your body. So why is this important in psychotherapy? It is important because biofeedback devices along with the many breathing techniques that are often utilized with such equipment, have been clinically proven to improve things such as stress, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and even fatigue. More and more practitioners are beginning to utilize these devices with their patients because they recognize the value and importance of understanding the biological state of a relaxed vs. stressed body. Contact us today to find out how you can work with one of our providers and engage in this exciting and cutting-edge treatment.

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