Receiving a correct diagnosis is a crucial component to providing thorough, competent, and appropriate treatment regardless to the service that you are seeking. Doing so enables your clinician with an accurate understanding of your needs which then enables us to provide the highest quality treatment possible. That is why we provide comprehensive psychological and diagnostic evaluations. Psychological evaluations give a detailed understanding of how a person functions and processes the world around them in order to facilitate academic, social, and occupational success. They can be used to determine diagnoses such as ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders among many more. We currently provide evaluations for a variety of reasons including: testing for children and adults to facilitate appropriate educational accommodations (such as extra time on tests), to uncover any learning disabilities that may have previously been unidentified, determination of gifted program placement, and even pre-hire screenings for law enforcement and government positions. Call us today to find out whether a psychological evaluation may be appropriate for you.