ViewPoints Psychotherapy Services, LLC., is a veteran owned-and-operated psychotherapy holistic center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our psychotherapists offer legal, ethical and credentialed alternative therapy practices for our clients, and our services include individual therapy, EMDR/trauma therapy for veterans and civilians, e-counseling and teletherapy, and more.

We know the courage it takes to walk through our doors, which is why we help walk you through each treatment modality we pursue. In this blog, we hope you can find additional resources and educational information about psychotherapy. We’ll write about company news, industry news, tips and advice and more.

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  1. Counseling VS Psychotherapy

    If you’re looking for psychotherapy treatments in Colorado Springs, LifeStance Health has you covered. However you may not even be sure what psychotherapy is and how it differs from traditional counseling. If so, you’re not alone. That’s why today’s post will focus on the key differences (an…Read More

  2. OCD Types – More Than Germaphobia?

    Howard Hughes. “Monk.” Howie Mandel.  When people think of OCD, majority will jump to the stereotypical ‘germaphobe.’  The classic hand washing compulsion and fear of getting sick.   Contamination is the most well-known type of OCD, but did you know there are many different types of OCD?…Read More