One of the most difficult stigmas to break when it comes to receiving therapy is that it’s only for “the weak” or that it’s somehow shameful to speak to a mental health professional. 

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Being willing to seek the help you need is not only a display of strength, it’s a powerful tool to help you with a variety of issues — even if you aren’t suffering from a specific mental illness.

At LifeStance Health, we offer a wide range of services at our Colorado Springs Counseling Center. We take a whole-person approach to counseling in order to ensure our patients get the best possible care.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you might still need a little nudge or convincing to actually seek therapy. Below are five of the top reasons you should take the leap and give therapy a try.

You Think About Harming Yourself

Whether thoughts of suicide only cross your mind intermittently or they fill your thoughts, dealing with these emotions can feel incredibly overwhelming. This is especially true if you feel like you have to do it all alone.

If you’re having thoughts about harming yourself, a visit to a certified psychotherapy counseling center can help you find purpose and a new lease on life. You don’t need to live on with a feeling of utter hopelessness.

You Are Struggling With Substance Abuse

Turning to drugs, alcohol, or any other type of substance to help you deal with life and all its problems can provide a temporary escape.

At LifeStance Health, we take patient confidentiality very seriously. If you’re struggling with substance abuse or a substance use disorder, you can be confident our counseling center will prioritize your privacy 100% 

Your Relationships Are Deteriorating

One of the biggest reasons people think about seeking therapy is they feel their most important relationships are slipping out of their hands.

Whether you are struggling with your relationship with your spouse, your children, or even your closest friends, therapy can give you the tools you need to improve those precious relationships, even if you attend counseling sessions alone.

You Have Trouble Sleeping

One of the most troubling signs of depression or mental health troubles shows itself in disrupted sleep patterns. This could be the case whether you are sleeping too little or even too much. 

If you’ve noticed any significant change in your sleeping patterns, it may be worth talking to a mental health professional. They’ll be able to diagnose any deeper issues and lead you on a path to getting a good night’s sleep.

You Have No Other Outlet

Oftentimes it can be helpful just to talk to someone. If you feel lost or alone and just need someone to talk to, getting therapy can help you find the release you need. Even if you have confidants in your life, it never hurts to get a second or third opinion from a trained and experienced professional.

Simply put, therapy is a perfectly normal way to talk through your thoughts and feelings with someone else that could lead to great benefits.

Get Help From Colorado Springs’ Trusted Counseling Center

If any of the conditions above describe how you’re feeling, we hope you’ll consider therapy and get the help you need — even if it’s not from us. 

If you’re looking for a Colorado Springs counseling center, simply contact us online. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible to help you begin the healing process. If you don’t live in the area, that’s no problem. We can also talk to you about our completely confidential e-counseling services.