If you’ve ever attended therapy and felt like your therapist was treating problems you didn’t know you had in ways that you don’t understand, you are certainly not alone. DBT, CBT, EMDR, ERP, REBT…with so many acronyms and forms to fill out, who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed?​

The reality behind many psychotherapy practices is that there is a lot that goes on “behind the scenes” due to state regulations, mandated paperwork, insurance policies, diagnosing, etc. At ViewPoints Psychotherapy, our staff does not believe in simply branding you with labels that you may or may not understand.

We appreciate the vulnerability and the courage that it takes to walk through our door and because of this, we walk you step by step through each treatment modality that we may embark upon.

All services provided by ViewPoints Psychotherapy are done so with the utmost legal, ethical, and credentialed practices. Our staff exercises and applies specialized expertise in each field, serving clients in areas that are equally as diverse and range from a magnitude of services in order to better treat all aspects in your life. See “Meet Your Team” for team bio’s. Additionally, we are pleased to offer “Telecare Services” providing psychotherapy by phone/text.