About Our Psychotherapy Center

A Proud Member of the LifeStance Health Family

Recently, our practice name changed from ViewPoints Psychotherapy Services, LLC. to LifeStance Health. With this change, we aligned our brand with our parent company, a national leader in mental, behavioral, and emotional wellness. LifeStance Health connects more than 2,500 mental health professionals with millions of patients across 21 states, each with the same goal in mind: improving the lives of the extraordinary people we serve.

We are among the Top Rated local practices in the area and are passionate about providing cutting-edge services for our clients while maintaining the understanding that treatment should not be limited to just part of you, but instead, the whole you. Our team of professionals provides psychotherapy services to both civilian clients and government agencies in fields that include, but are not limited to, mental health, behavioral health, physical fitness and nutritional planning, as well as educational training services.

We are equipped with and currently maintain partners across the nation providing a magnitude of social services to those with whom we treat, support and do business with. At LifeStance Health, we recognize the courage it takes to pick up the phone and call us or walk through our door and because of this, we deliver nothing but our very best in making sure you feel welcomed and educated every step of the way.

Let us guide you to a more fulfilling life where you can believe, achieve and become. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your session! Reach us by calling 719-285-7436 or by filling out our online form.

For Providers:
If you are physician and/or provider and recognize the importance of integrative and collaborative
healthcare at your location, see below to determine whether or not staffing an on-site BHC is a good
fit for you and your practice.

What is a Behavioral Health Consultant?
A Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) is a master’s or doctorate level clinician with a background in
either social work, behavioral health counseling, health psychology, or marriage and family therapy with
experience in substance abuse treatment.

When does my medical practice need a Behavioral Health Consultant?
BHC services can be provided for:
– Positive screeners (PHQ-9-Depression, Audit-C, GAD-7-Anxiety)
– Identified behavioral health condition or psychosocial stressor.
– Chronic pain, unmanaged chronic disease, high utilization.
– Consultation on difficult cases.
Among many other mental/behavioral health needs.

How does it work and do I need to hire?
No, you do not need to hire. It is simple! Call 719-649-1902 and ask about having a Behavioral Health
Consultant (BHC) on site at your location. We arrange a meeting, develop a collaborative strategy in a
timely manner, and staff a BHC on site at your location at no cost to you or your practice. Leave the
heavy lifting to us!

Integrative healthcare is the future of wellness. Welcome to the future!